180 Cute Names For Female And Male Hamsters

Based on a statistical report on the pet hamster population in 2012, there were 877 hamsters in about 1,000 households in the US. This was almost a 6% increase from the 2007 report.

It was also noted that there was also a significant change in pet hamster owners. They began to give extra attention and care either by giving their pets “birthday” gifts or bringing them to a veterinarian more frequently.

What’s more, is that they have become more and more creative in naming their hamsters – as if their lives depended on it.

Hamster with a broken love

Psychology and Science in Naming Pets

It has been said that pet names are definitely affected by the latest pop culture trends according to Toni Perling who is an executive editor and co-founder of PetBabyNames.com. There was a time when the name Bella and Edward became one of the top names for pets. That time when the Frozen era was the craze, suddenly, twinning pet names such as Anna and Elsa became popular.

Another trend is naming your pets from many influential people across different industries. This could range from actors, singers, and sports figures. Even famous politicians and scientists have been used as hamster names. It has been said that people who name their pets after these people want that certain connection and something to remind them of their idols.

Human names are also a thing for pets because of cultural changes. There has been a revolution in caring for pets as part of the family for the last decade and human monikers establish an emotional bond between them.

Based on a poll by Pet Sitters International, about 47% of pet owners chose human names while 33% were based on their pet’s personality such as Twister or Sweetie. While 23% of them chose their pet’s name based on their appearances like Blacky, Spot, or Snowball. The remaining 18% named their pets after famous celebrities such as Sylvester and Cher.

It is quite daunting for some to name their pets as you don’t want them to have inappropriate names especially when they grow up. There have been researches regarding pet naming and science that might be able to help you focus and narrow down a million names that you can choose from.

You may be able to train your hamsters and a simple name using hard consonants may be a good way to teach them tricks. They may be able to identify their names back to their owners.

This might be quite mild to hamsters compared to dogs but it is still worth a try. Pronunciation is important in training and identifying so you can take this into consideration.

Hamsters might not be able to immediately understand that you’re calling them already by their name but you should not overuse it. Repeating their names all the time may eventually make them ignore it. In order to make them respond to their name appropriately, make sure to use it only when necessary.

Even with science backing up the importance of a proper pet name, your creativity does matter as well. Whatever you choose should suit your pet hamster as they will be carrying it for the rest of their lives. Here are a few suggestions on hamster names to get you started.

Hamsters like playing football

Female Hamster Names

  • Most pet owners associate a female pet with flowers or something sweet.
ButtercupLilacSweet PeaCreampuffPeppermint
  • Female hamsters are as precious and delicate as that of princesses and female cartoon leads so you can use some of these names to relate them with royalty.
AnnaGiselaJuliaMulanSnow White
  • Any of these cute, fluffy names would surely fit your girl hamsters.
Boo BearFurbyNuggetSkittlesSunshine

Male Hamster Names

  • The male breed is the dominant species and they are more active than the female hamsters. These macho-like names may spark an idea in your right brain.
  • Male hamsters are also more playful than female hamsters so these playful names may suit your hammy.
  • Witty handles can also be used and it might bring a smile to your face every time you call out their name. Some of these can also reflect your hamster’s personality.
ChiliGigaLil’ BitScrubbieYoyo

Further Tips

  • Choose a name that is easy to use and where you are happy calling it out. You may want to write down some guidelines to help you sift from a hundred possible names.
  • Patience is the key if you want to pick the right name according to your pet’s behavior or personality. Observe your hamster for a few days to get to know ita habits so you would get an idea from it.
  • You may use your hamster breed to get creative with their names. For example, you may use Russian names or terms for the Roborovski and Russian hamsters like Misha or Vasily. Chinese names such as Baobao or Meimei are nice ideas for Chinese dwarf hamsters.
  • Get some creative inspiration from your own life. Think about your favorite places, foods, character in novels, and the likes. You will eventually find something that can be related to your hammy.
  • Just like in humans, you may use a “Baby Book” to get some ideas and you will get to know the meaning behind the names too.
  • You may want to try using a pet name generator over the web.
  • There are a few fictional hamster character names such as Doctor Hamster from Peppa Pig, Hamtaro, Hamzuo, Ebichu, Marion, Penfold, Peepi, and Rhino. They are not that famous like other fictional characters but they may give you the uniqueness you are looking for.
  • Believe it or not, there’s a robotic hamster toy line called ZhuZhu Pets and each has names like Pipsqueak, Mr. Wiggles, Num Nums, Chunk, Jilly & Bean the Twin, and a whole lot more. You may want to check all the other names in its toy list. To add more fun, the name Zhuzhu is from the Mandarin language meaning “little pig.”
  • There was a report that 90% of households with hamsters have children and that 87% of them are under 12 years of age. It would be a good bonding experience if you indulge them to take part in the name picking process.

If all else fails, let your hamster do the picking!

Fun Ways to Let Your Hamster Pick Their Own Names

  • After narrowing down your list, write them on pieces of paper and use them as a label on different plates or containers that have treats inside them. You may put in a cube of apple, carrots, banana, or seeds to entice your hamsters. Whichever labeled treat your hamster eats first will be its name.
  • You can also use your hamster’s toys as a name dropper. Name each of the toys according to your shortened name list and whichever toy it plays with first can be used as its name.
  • Put some sticky notes to a hamster ball and put your little friend inside. Once the ball starts rolling, the first note to fall off the ball or the last note to stick to the ball will be your hammy’s name.
  • Again, using the hamster ball, name the rooms in your house according to your shortlisted names. The first room that your curious hamster enters; it will be its name. Refrain from using the name of the real room owner as this may confuse your hamsters. It is quite a challenge to train your hamsters in the first place so you would want to avoid further confusion.

In Summary

In a world mostly made up of dog and cat owners, having a pet hamster is equally enjoyable and full of satisfaction. Hamsters are quite the adorable, little creatures that will help you get rid of stress and give you the quiet companion that you need.

Whatever name you choose for your hamster, may it be a famous comic book character or a landmark, this should help remind you of something good and happy memory or experience. Just be creative and have fun with what you think is the right name for your pet hamster.

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