7 Ways To Have Fun With Your Hamster

For animals, a positive reaction happens if there is a reward in place. This was evident in research done with Syrian hamsters. 

They acted positively when there was an expected reward in return. Never did they choose the path where there was an impending punishment when a task was not completed.

This makes having fun with your hamster an important task that you’d need to do every day. If your hamster continuously associates fun experiences with you, the easiest it will be to have a good relationship with your pet.

What to Do To Have Fun With Your Hamster?

There are a lot of fun things to do with your hamster. As long as you were able to tame and train it, setting things up with it will be a piece of cake.

Unique ideas will certainly be a challenge but would be worthwhile once done. But for starters, consider our cool ideas so that you can come up with your own eventually.

Funny Hampster Couple

1. Compile funny or interesting poses in an album or scrapbook

You can compile them into an album or you can bring out your artistic side by making a scrapbook of their adventures!

If in case you don’t know how to start scrapbooking, don’t fret. There are how-to’s that you can search for and stores that you can buy materials from. Imagination is the key as you’d need to use photos that can be used for scrapbooking.

The main thing you need to remember when starting with scrapbooking is to work with the photos you have. The designs and scrapbook materials that you’d need will depend on the photos that you choose. You can also make use of simple materials like colored paper and pens.

It’ll be fun to go through the scrapbooks you’ve made and let your hamster see it. Your pet won’t really understand what they’re for but they might recognize themselves in the photos.

2. Let your hamster play with toys

Remember the green soldiers in Toy Story? If you have them, you can let your hamster play with them when you let it out of the cage or aquarium. Just make sure to watch it so you can gently take the toys away when your hamster starts chewing them as it might swallow the plastic.

There are wooden toys that you can also buy for your hammy. It can play and chew on them whenever necessary. These would be helpful to file down its teeth.

You can also opt for towel or tissue cardboard tubes that your hamster can pass through or chew. You can save on beddings as well, as your pet may shred them to pieces. You do have the option of buying the tubes in stores if you’re in the mood to splurge. Just make sure to get untreated ones for your pet’s safety.

3. Use old materials or containers for their homes

You can either buy cages at the pet store, or you could use old containers to create a setup.

If you have several hamsters, you can create separate cages with different themes and you could place them on top of one another.

By inserting a passageway in between using sturdy tubes, hamsters can transfer from one level to another. This would work if your hamsters are of the same species.

You could also work with one big cage and create different themes for your hamsters. In case you have hamsters of different species, it’ll also help you remember which is which during feeding or playtime.

4. Create an elaborate setup

If you have an artistic streak, you can go for a panoramic setup in your hamster’s aquarium or an intricate maze for your hamster’s cage that it can run in.

For the aquarium, you have an option to go for a forest-like theme and create a setup where your pet can go wild on its foraging. It’ll feel more natural for your pet and it will feel comfortable. You can also go for a playground theme around your hamsters.

For playful hamsters, you can create a maze of tubes with cages and even with aquariums. It’ll be fun to watch them zip around in the tubes and go from section to section. You can also integrate some puzzle tubes that your hamster can work on to get treats. Sky’s the limit!

5. Look for vehicles that your hamster will fit comfortably

Did you see the commercials before by Kia where the car is being driven by hamsters? There are toy vehicles that you can buy for your hammies; the ones that work as an exercise ball.

Not only will your hamster get the exercise it needs, but you’ll also have fun watching your pet drive the car. You’d just have to watch out for the stairs. If you’re letting your hamster play outside, watch out for holes or water formations.

There are other toy vehicles that your hamster can fit in, giving you an opportunity to have a photoshoot with your pet.

6. Start a DIY with your hamster

If you’re into woodworking, you can create houses for your pet hamster. There are lots of layouts that you can use, or you can create your own.

If your hamsters are of different species, you can build a separate one for each, or one big house for hamsters of the same species.

You can also create a different house where they can sleep, eat and play in. You might just find yourself creating a small village for them!

You could also create a DIY setup where you can take photos of them and post on your Social Media accounts.

7. Make memes with your hamster

Memes have been around for quite some time, and you can’t go wrong with them. It takes a bit of imagination creating such, as it depends on your hamsters what poses they may do. You just have to have the right timing and luck to get the poses you want.

You can either create a meme around your pet hamsters or create human-like ones that would surely tickle the fancy of any hamster lovers out there.

If you play your cards right, you and your hamster might just become Social Media influencers!

Be Safe When Having Fun

There are other fun ideas you can do with your hamster that you can search for. What you just have to remember is to make sure that not only are you having fun, you’re also making sure that your hamster is safe and comfortable.

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